Visualization might be expressed in various contexts, its meaning might be taken to imply a focus on the pictorial but to the contrary, it spans and permeates an almost infinite variety of cultural expressions and activities. Visualizing cultural and meaningful data can help in extracting information and building understanding and realization of collective memory, it is undoubtly a major tool for cognitive science and it has a major significance on human culture (1,2). However, will this new created wealth of digital culture survive in the digital cultural heritage and archaeology domain in times ahead? As electronic visualization become more universally prevalent and fundamental to culture, its meaning becomes ever more compelling.

ICACH is building an infrastructure to accommodate and simulate vast amount of arbitrary computational data accumulated over the use of contemporary techniques in imaging, observation and documentation described in this report. As an aid to its task high performance computing (HPC) and efficient algorithmic tessellation on Graphics Processing Units (GPU) are used, in order to render and visualize simulations of arbitrary and large-scale data elaborated by the use of laser scanning, photogrammetry and structure from motion techniques (SfM), RTI, spectrum and panoramic photography, and highly accurate giga-imaging. It creates a standardized platform, a virtual environment (VE), where un-homogeneous cultural data along with their descriptive metadata can be allocated, encoded and register in order to create a solid backbone for the image cluster. The VE can be expressed as a sphere that encapsulates multidimensional digitized cultural and social objects that are virtually wired in order to create relationships and meaningful content when visualized in a selected visual medium.

Research and experimentation is being done in stereoscopic and dynamic visualization of VEs, where the level of immersion (LOI) is amplified, the visual and cognitive experience of the user is shifted compared to monoscopic viewing, thus providing meaningful experience to the spectator.

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Visualisation by ICACH is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.