Imaging @ Paphos Gate (Panoramic, 3D laser scanning, RTI)

In the context of The Cyprus Institute’s collaboration with the Cyprus Department of Antiquities, ICACH has been assisting in the digital documentation of the archaeological investigation of the Pafos gate in Nicosia. The thorough excavation and related conservation of the important gate aims at the overall rehabilitation and proper management of the archaeological site pursued by the Department of Antiquities and the Nicosia Municipality.

ICACH has been employing an array of digital imaging methods (RTI, photogrammetry, aerial imaging, SfM, spherical and rectilinear panoramic photography, and acquiring high-res undistorted photographs of surfaces) in its efforts to record the excavation’s progress as well as selected finds, among them architectural sculptural pieces and parts of inscriptions.

In addition, the imaging cluster contributes to project RIVEEL3D (“Real-time Immersive 3D Virtual Environments for Education and Learning), which is materializing within STARC’s direct synergy with the National Center for Super-computing applications of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the collaboration of the Department of Antiquities and the Nicosia Municipality. The project focuses on the creation of a Virtual Environment (VE) of the Paphos gate which can be used as a platform for collaboration and exchange of data and new knowledge.The Paphos Gate has been selected as a instructive example whose interdisciplinar study can provide the opportunity to experimente and probe questions of cultural identity and document the response of virtual visitors to this important monument of Nicosia’s past. This effort offers an excellent opportunity for further work in the mapping and documentation of the layered historic center of the Cypriot capital.


Images presented in this page are courtesy of the Cyprus Department of Antiquity.

Imaging @ Paphos Gate (Panoramic, 3D laser scanning, RTI) by ICACH is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.