Gigaimaging – Large Format scanning


Large format (LF) photography calls for a particularly high level of technical and creative skills. It is not related with RTI techniques but it can be encapsulated in the com-putational photography methods. It requires are in depth expert knowledge in order to exploit the possibilities to the full extent. That is the only way to produce exceptional high detail images, which can be further disseminated to acquire knowledge from any kind of interest fields. Large Format Photography can be used in all types of envi-ronments for a wide range of materials.

The Large Format photography system at the Cyprus In-stitute is appropriately customized to meet the challenges of archaeological material from Cyprus and the region. It is fully flexible for add-ons so to fit the criteria of any case study (e.g art reproduction, conservation/restoration, multi-spectral imaging and archiving).

For example, the system’s applicability in unwrapping cylindrical surfaces from ancient Cypriot and Mesopotamian cylinder seals produced enormous detail providing us with high-resolution panoramic images up to 8,000 x 65,000 pixel resolution. That is a resolution capa-ble of producing sixteen times higher resolution than any professional DSLR currently on the market with a wide color gamut and an outstanding dynamic range output. The custom-build unit consists of a Sinar mechanical large for-mat camera kit with base rails, lenses specialized in large format photography, better light digital 4”x5” scanner back that can create panoramic, rollout, QVTR images and an electrical precision motor base. The digital scanning back captures pure Red, Green and Blue information for each pixel in resolution settings up to 8000 pixels in height. The resulting images can be well over 1GB and provide amaz-ing detail and tone range that could never be captured with film or professional DSLR cameras. The tri-linear sensor on board is not capturing an image of the subject in front of the camera all at once as any normal camera does, but ra-ther by physically moving a unique, highly-optimized tri-linear color image sensor smoothly across the image plane, building up the image one line per color at a time. The sensor is a patent of Eastman KODAK the world leaders in photographic mediums and equipment (sinar).



Images of cylinder seals above are courtesy of the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation.



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